Girls' programs


Connections Engineering Outreach and the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Queen’s University are committed to breaking down barriers for girls and women in STEM. As part of this commitment, Connections Engineering Outreach has developed a series of programs to build confidence, and ignite the imagination of young women interested in STEM. Please note that the programs outlined below are open for registration for female participants only. 

Visit queen's campus

Experience Queen's campus in a comfortable and welcoming setting! Participants of our Girls' programs will get the opportunity to explore a variety of labs lecture as well as

educational content

Our girls' programs offer students the opportunity to engage in fun, hands-on activities that have been designed in line with the Ontario elementary and secondary curriculum.

learn from female engineers

Whether it's through guest lectures, labs, or facilities tours students will have the opportunity to learn along side some of Queen's faculty, students and design teams

Explore new Technology
and tools

Students will explore new technologies including micro-controllers, CAD programs, and robotics and practice safe handling of hand tools like soldering irons, drills and saws.

which program is best for me?

Connections Engineering Outreach offers a variety of girls’ only programming options for students currently in grades 1 to 11. 

Little STEMS



Frequently asked questions

Connections Engineering Outreach is committed to providing quality engineering based, girls’ programs to students at no cost. There may be a deposit for materials and technology distributed to participants. This deposit will be returned to parents/guardians should participants attend all sessions of that program. 

Absolutely! Some of our programs are open for registration year-round, and host monthly meetings. You can register for multiple sessions of programming – just select all of the courses you wish to attend and add them to your cart. 

We also run several other events throughout the year, and we encourage all of our participants to join us for those events as well!

Registration can be found here.

Traditionally, all of our girls’ programs are hosted on Queen’s campus. Most of our programs are facilitated in Beamish-Munro Hall (45 Union Street West, Kingston Ontario). Some of our programs visit different buildings on campus to participate in activities and labs. Activities taking place off Queen’s campus will be indicated on the schedule provided.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all events will take place online using tools like Zoom and Google Classroom. Participants will be sent the meeting details prior to the event.

Connections strives to provide positive female role models in STEM. Where possible, all instructors are female. 

Our instructors are a combination of full-time staff who hold teaching degrees, and undergraduate students. Most of our students are studying engineering, however we also hire students pursuing other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) degrees as well as students completing their Bachelors of Education. We also like to include student volunteers from a variety of student clubs on campus, traditionally these students have a background in a STEM subject. 

If you have any further questions regarding our girls programs please do not hesitate to Contact Us