Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to book the Tech 'n' Tinker Trailer?

Thanks to our funders, we have been able to reduce the cost of each school visit to $350/dayoperating cost is $650/day

How do I pay for my visit with the Tech 'n' Tinker Trailer?

You can expect to receive an electronic invoice from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science after our workshops are completed. The invoice can be paid by cheque or credit card. 

My school isn't in Kingston, will you still visit?

Yes! We are currently travelling to schools within a one hour radius of Kingston. We may, under special circumstances, travel to schools outside of this radius; additional fees will apply. 

My booking has been confirmed, how do I build the schedule for the Tech 'n' Tinker Trailer

A total of 500 minutes of instruction are included in a one-day booking of the Tech ‘n’ Tinker Trailer – 250 minutes inside the Trailer, and 250 minutes of robotics programming inside the school. These programs run simultaneously

The day should be broken down into two 100-minute blocks, and one 50-minute block. It is ideal that the 50-minute block is scheduled at the end of the school day so that Connections staff can pack up and leave school property well before dismissal. 

How many students can fit inside the Tech 'n' Tinker Trailer?

The Tech ‘n’ Tinker Trailer can accommodate one class and their teacher/support staff at one time. 

Do we need to bring anything?

The Tech ‘n’ Tinker Trailer is fully equipped for all of our workshop offerings – laptops, wireless internet, building materials, etc. 

Can we book the Tech 'n' Tinker Trailer during the Winter months?

Yes! The Tech ‘n’ Tinker Trailer is heated, and can be booked during the Winter months. However, Connections staff reserve the right to cancel bookings due to unsafe or inclement weather. All bookings will be cancelled on snow days. 

Where do you park the Tech 'n' Tinker Trailer when you visit?

The Tech ‘n’ Tinker Trailer is parked on school property when we visit. We ask that school staff assign a parking spot that can accommodate the 27′ Trailer before we arrive. 

Where should we host the robotics programs that also run when you visit?

Robotics programming should be hosted inside the school; ideally in a learning commons or library. It is difficult for Connections staff to move the robots from class to class.