Tech 'n' Tinker Trailer

Ignite your imagination!

Connections Engineering Outreach is proud to introduce The Tech ‘n’ Tinker (TNT) Trailer. The TNT Trailer is a mobile engineering design makerspace designed to travel to schools, community organizations and public events in the greater Kingston area. Boasting a full range of educational technologies, the TNT trailer provides hands-on experiential learning opportunities that complement the Ontario school curriculum. Please check out our current TNT Workshop Catalogue (December 2018)!

How much does it cost?

The cost of each visit (one full day) is $350. The actual operating cost of this program is $650/day – we have been able to reduce the cost for schools thanks to our funders! If this amount is not accessible, please contact us about a potential subsidies from funders. 

What can we expect during a visit with the Tech 'n' Tinker Trailer?

  • The Tech ‘n’ Tinker Trailer (TNT) is a 24 foot cargo trailer that has been converted to a mobile engineering design makerspace.
  • The Trailer is fully equipped with all workshop materials – including laptops and wireless internet.
  • The space can accommodate one class and their teacher during each workshop.
  • Parallel programming for students in Kindergarten to grade 8.
    • Engineering design/makerspace activities facilitated inside the Trailer.
    • Robotics workshops facilitated inside the host school. 
  • Students will engage in hands-on engineering activities that are linked to the Ontario curriculum.

What's included in a booking with the Tech 'n' Tinker Trailer?

Each booking with the TNT Trailer includes: 

  • Six workshops – three workshops inside the TNT Trailer; three robotics workshops in the school.
  • 500 minutes (total) instructional time with qualified teachers.

What will the day look like?

Each booking includes 250 minutes with each program (Engineering design AND robotics) for a total of 500 minutes of instruction. A typical day with the Tech ‘n’ Tinker Trailer may look something like this:

Day One

Tech ‘n’ Tinker Trailer
Robotics Workshops
9:10-10:50am3D Design – grade 7/8 classSphero – grade 4 class
11:20am-1:00pmScratch – Grade 6 classDash – grade 3 class
1:55-2:45pmLittleBits – grade 5 classOzobot – grade 2 class

This timetable should be tailored to fit the host school’s daily schedule.*


I still have more questions...

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you’ve still got questions please contact us!