Queen’s Summer Engineering Academy (QSEA) offers a variety of one-week courses that introduce students to engineering design and a variety of engineering disciplines. Students participate in fun, hands-on learning on campus at Queen’s University’s engineering research facilities. 

QSEA programs are offered for students in grades 2 to 11, find out which program is right for you!



We offer 4 different courses for QSEA Junior, 3 different courses for QSEA Intermediate, and 3 different courses for QSEA Senior so that students can attend multiple weeks of programs without repeating a workshop! QSEA 2024 will take place on Queen's Campus in Mitchell Hall but will visit various facilities on Queen's campus throughout the week. Our instructors are a combination of full-time staff who hold teaching or engineering degrees, and undergraduate students. Our student staff are currently pursuing degrees in engineering, education, or STEM fields. QSEA Junior programs cost $300 per week (or $240 if registering for a short week) and QSEA Intermediate costs $350 per week (or $290 if registering for a short week). QSEA Senior courses are $450 per week with the option to add accommodations and meals for an additional $1000 + hst per week. Please refer to Connections Engineering Summer Programs Cancellation Policy for details on refunds and withdrawing from any of our Summer 2024 programs.