Queen’s Summer Engineering Academy (QSEA) offers a variety of one-week courses that introduce students to engineering design and a variety of engineering disciplines. Students participate in fun, hands-on learning on campus at Queen’s University’s engineering research facilities. For more information regarding our cancellation policy, fees, and bursaries, please check out our FAQ's below. 

QSEA programs are offered for students in grades 2 to 11, find out which program is right for you!



We offer 4 different courses for QSEA Junior, 3 different courses for QSEA Intermediate, and 3 different courses for QSEA Senior so that students can attend multiple weeks of programs without repeating a workshop! QSEA 2024 will take place on Queen's Campus in Mitchell Hall but will visit various facilities on Queen's campus throughout the week. Our instructors are a combination of full-time staff who hold teaching or engineering degrees, and undergraduate students. Our student staff are currently pursuing degrees in engineering, education, or STEM fields. QSEA Junior programs cost $300 per week (or $240 if registering for a short week) and QSEA Intermediate costs $350 per week (or $290 if registering for a short week). QSEA Senior courses are $450 per week with the option to add accommodations and meals for an additional $1000 + hst per week. Please refer to Connections Engineering Summer Programs Cancellation Policy for details on refunds and withdrawing from any of our Summer 2024 programs. Indigenous youth may qualify to have their full registration fee covered through the Gilbert Monture Indigenous Bursary. This bursary covers the fees associated with STEM enrichment programming for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit youth, in accordance with the Indigenous Students Verification Policy at Queen’s University. It is open to youth who hold rights of citizenship, and requires that a government document for the youth or their parent be provided upon applying for the bursary. All interested participants must complete both the bursary application form and register through CampBrain.